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The more paid shoots I do, the more I'm finding joy in personal shoots. Capturing someone's true character,... that's where it's at for me.


Model: Deanna Alyse


Back to School

From this weekend's quick photoshoot at the University.



From a shoot with Deanna Alyse.

The Dresser

Me, myself and I

Self-portrait. It required quite a bit of planning. Most of the details in this shot will tell you something about me.

Lead or Follow?

Prints available through my Etsy store:

Walk This Way

Model: Deanna Alyse


Vinyl Diner

This is an older shot which I decided to re-post-process in B&W. Subject is my buddy Ryan buying some records at his favorite records store.

Best Foot Forward

Self-portrait while killing time in a hotel room. This was a single long exposure with second curtain flash. Experimentation is what I love the most about photography.

Hide out

Model: Deanna Alyse (

Reflection frame

Whenever I feel the urge to create, I pick a ramdom photo from a ramdom folder and give myself 5 minutes to post-process it. Here's one of them.

Long way home